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Case studies can help you convince prospects that your offerings can provide the lasting breakthrough they’re looking for. Nothing convinces them more than the success stories your past and existing customers have had using your offerings. White papers can help explain your relatively complex offerings.

Sure, explaining your offerings when they’re not easy to understand can be intimidating. White papers can help you describe your offerings easily and make prospects see why your business is important to their business

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White papers can make prospects see you as a thought leader they should do business with.
White papers allow you to thoroughly explain issues that matter most to your prospects and make them see you as a leader they should listen to.

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Case studies prove to skeptical prospects that your product can solve their problem.
Nothing closes sales with skeptical clients more than success stories from your past customers.

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Case Study Writer

While all other contents on your site do a really, really great job explaining your offerings, making promises to solve specific problems, getting your prospects excited and generating leads, case studies show the proof that you actually deliver on your promises.

White Paper Writer

A white paper can help you generate leads, explain your b2b offerings and their core benefits, nurture your prospects and stand out from the crowd. It’s basically a report on an issue that matters most to your prospects, and they submit their emails “in exchange” for your white paper.

Other Writing Services

I understand that it’s all about you and your business. So even though I zero in on case studies and white papers as my main area of expertise, I still offer other freelance writing services that will help boost your leads and sales. They include blog/content writing, email copywriting and so on.


I’m a case study and white paper writer who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Banking and Finance. I write for startups, mid-sized businesses and product review. If you want to read, it can be viewed here – Best Gun Safe 2018 ( Gun Safe Guide – Protecting America)

Apart from this site, you can also find my works in other places like Forbes, The Next Web, Inc. and so on.

I have just one goal: Helping you write case studies and white paper that will boost your leads and sell your offerings (products or services). That’s it


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